Granite is a very hard, granular, crystalline igneous rock, made up mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar. It forms as a result of very slow crystallisation of molten magma deep in the earth’s core. Being extremely hard, granite is ideal for usage in the kitchen, bathroom or as flooring.

Granite is extremely hard wearing and it offers a range of benefits. It will last for years and will not get scratched by knives or other kitchen gadgets. It’s heat resistant and won’t be damaged by hot saucepans or kettles and is resistant to most substances and liquids. When it comes to caring for your worktop we can  provide you with a comprehensive care kit which will ensure your granite worktop stays in perfect condition.

Caesarstone is a beautifully engineered man-made stone, made up of 93% quartz. Practical and amazingly hard wearing, this durability means caesarstone offers some real advantages when compared to natural stone.

Caesarstone’s quartz worktops and surfaces don’t require sealing and need very little maintenance. Unlike some types of stone, caesarstone is very easy to clean – soap or a mild detergent and a little water are all that’s needed, perfect for a low maintenance kitchen countertop.

Furthermore the non-porous nature of Caesarstone makes it ideal for kitchens and especially bathrooms and areas of high humidity as it is totally resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria.

Arena Stone is made from pure, natural quartz. Arena Stone offers the beauty of quartz but with 6 times the strength and durability of granite.
About 90% of Arena Stone is made up of quartz crystals, one of nature’s hardest materials. The quartz is combined with special resins and pigments to produce an incredibly hard wearing but low maintenance stone.

Arena stone surfaces will handle anything you confront it with. It is incredibly hard wearing and non porous and is completely resistant to germs, bacteria and mildew. This means you can relax knowing your work surfaces are totally hygienic.

Radianz is manufactured by Samsung and is made up of 93% quartz, mixed with polymer resins and pigments. Beauty and practicality come together in Radianz to give you the ultimate in elegance and functionality.

Radianz comes in a range of over 25 colours. Unlike most natural stones, the colour is 100% consistent, so when you see a sample, you know that your counter top will look exactly the same.Radianz is significantly harder than most natural stones. This means it is incredibly scratch resistant and heat resistant and will continue to look beautiful for many years. Another benefit is that it never needs to be sealed, which makes life very easy for you. It is totally non porous, so you don’t need to worry about bacterial growth, mould or stains. Your Radianz surface will require virtually no maintenance throughout its life.

Neolith is a porcelain worktop however some individuals refer to this worktop as ceramic as well. This high-tech porcelain worktop is created by sintered technology, this process takes 100% raw materials and the slabs are baked to temperatures more than 1,2000 C. This gives the Neolith worktop strong durability and quality features that would benefit any kitchen.

This high-tech sintered porcelain worktop has been created to withstand high pressure and bending due to weight whilst being a light weight worktop itself. It is also waterproof and because of this staining should not be a issue.

This worktop is also ideal for outdoor worktops as it is resistant to UV rays meaning that you will not lose the colour of the stone from the sun.